We've added the Sniper program in order to allow the community to get involved in progressing the KEYS ecosystem forward. This allows anyone to contribute to the KEYS ecosystem by paying the gas necessary to run the reward distributions. In return, the user who covers the gas has also rewarded a bounty in KEYS based on their LoyalKEY Ranking. Users that do not own any keys will get 1% of the pending rewards to be distributed, scaling up to 4% for users with the largest loyal key rank. Please see the pending reward % distribution below:

1.0% for SEEKER

1.6% for HOLDER

2.0% for COLLECTOR

2.4% for STACKER

2.8% for WHALE

3.2% for MAMBA

3.6% for MEGA MAMBA

4.0% for MAXI MAMBA

This means that if there are 50,000 KEYS pending to be distributed, a MAMBA can SNIPE the distribution and receive 3.2% of those KEYS, which is 1,600 KEYS! You must execute from the wallet where the KEYS are located, the protocol will not know if you are a MAMBA if you hold the KEYS in another wallet.

The SNIPE button will be live on the KEYS Dashboard on September 1st, 2022 and anyone can press the SNIPE button at any time as long as there is at least 1 pending KEYS Token ready to get distributed.

If two users presses the button at the same time, the user's transaction that completes first will receive the keys. Happy sniping and good luck!

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