Utilities & Use Cases

KEYS is the core utility token of the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem. KEYS Token utilities can be broken down into three main actions: transact, progress, and reward.

Contract Address: 0xe0a189c975e4928222978a74517442239a0b86ff


KEYS Token is the transactional currency of the KEYS Metaverse. Holders can use KEYS within the KEYS ecosystem to:

  1. Mint, purchase, and sell digital assets.

  2. Facilitate business transactions and activities.

  3. Activate specific features within the KEYS Metaverse including creator tools, business tools, marketing tools, and more.

Learn to transact with KEYS on the Mercury Marketplace (MM).


Progress and level up your portfolio in the KEYS Metaverse through our LoyalKEY Program. The more KEYS you hold, the more access, benefits, and discounts you gain within the KEYS ecosystem.

Think of each KEYS Token as an experience point. Users can progress through each of the eight LoyalKEY tiers by collecting KEYS through interactions with our ecosystem.

The KEYS Metaverse is packed with avenues for all walks of users from entrepreneurs and business owners, to artists and collectors, to grow their portfolios and progress through the LoyalKEY tiers. Learn more about growing your portfolio in the KEYS Metaverse through the Mercury Marketplace (MM).

Visit the LoyalKEY page for more information on the KEYS Metaverse progression system.


All KEYS Token holders have the ability to stake their tokens using the MAXI Staking program, or provide liquidity using the KEYS Farming program to generate rewards as they hold. Learn more about the KEYS Staking & Farming programs or visit the Staking & Farming Dashboard to begin generating rewards today!

Active community members can also earn KEYS rewards by participating in activities hosted on the KEYS Metaverse Discord and social platforms.

Learn more about KEYS Staking & Farming and join our community to begin receiving rewards.

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