Automatic Token Burn

$KEYS will automatically burn a total of 10% of the total supply quarterly (5,000,000 $KEYS/year) over twenty years from the dedicated burn smart contract. Track the smart contract here: 0x9c61b37fc0cfd4cbea8db2abf550f87d0ccbdab6

Automatic 8% Monthly Buy Back & Burn

KEYS collects fees on transactions made within the keys metaverse ecosystem. 8% of all net revenues generated from KEYS Metaverse transaction fees are used to buy back and/or burn KEYS by sending them to the burn address and removing them from the circulating supply.
Burns occur on the eight day of every month. You can view the most recent and previous burns, track the total number of KEYS burned, and view the total current circulating supply on the KEYS Metaverse Burn Tracker page.
KEYS Metaverse Burn Tracker Page