118 KEYCards were minted for 0.18 ETH and sold out in under 32 seconds on December 28, 2021, as the first NFT within the KEYS ecosystem. View the collection on OpenSea.

KEYCard utilities fall into three main categories: real-life benefits, priority access, and networking.

Real-Life Benefits

KEYCard holders gain exclusive access to the KEYCard Benefits website where they can redeem real-life benefits and discounts from our global network of luxury travel, lifestyle, and service partners. The KEYCard Benefits website also features a bespoke 24/7 concierge to provide holders with a lifestyle they do not need to take a vacation from.

Priority Access

KEYCard holders benefit from priority access within the KEYS ecosystem in both the digital and physical worlds.

Digital Priority Access:

  1. Automatically qualify for the highest LoyalKEY tier (MAXI Mamba) status.

  2. Priority / early access to all KEYS Metaverse products and UAT processes.

  3. VIP access to all digital KEYS Metaverse events.

  4. Early access to specific areas within the KEYS Metaverse.

Physical Priority Access:

  1. VIP access to in-real-life KEYS Metaverse events.


All KEYCard holders gain access to the powerful private KEYCard Network on Discord.

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