Meta Mansions

Meta Mansions is a collection of 8,888 digital luxury mansions that make up the core residency of the KEYS Metaverse. View the collection on OpenSea.

Meta Mansions owners can live in, customize, share, and monetize each of their luxury digital residencies in hyper-accessible, photo-realistic 3D/AR/VR space by leveraging the Proprietary KEYS Metaverse Engine. In simple terms, Mansion owners can access and share their Metaverse residency via a web link on any device capable of bi-directional streaming. Meta Mansion holders also gain exclusive access to specific KEYS products, digital and in-real-life events, NFTs, and more.

Ownership of each of the 8,888 residencies is secured and verified by blockchain and NFT technology.

The KEYS Metaverse Residential Zone is currently under construction. Meta Mansion owners will be able to access the full suite of their Mansions' utilities once construction is complete.


Fully immerse yourself in the hyper-realistic, AAA-quality, living environment of the KEYS Metaverse by owning an exclusive luxury residency to call your home.


Customize your Meta Mansion in 3D space to create a metaverse residency that truly represents your identity using KEYS Metaverse Customization Tools. Customization Tools allow users to:

  1. Customize your Meta Mansion interior(s) with your personal NFT collection(s).

  2. Change furniture layouts

  3. Swap furniture within layouts

  4. Change the materials and colors of walls, floors, and furniture


Share your residency and KEYS Metaverse experience with your friends, family, and audience by sharing a simple web link powered by the Proprietary KEYS Metaverse Engine.


Monetize your Meta Mansion to create active and passive income streams using the Mercury Marketplace platform (in development) by hosting events, renting your Meta Mansion, and more.

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